Student Charter

Please read and accept the Student Charter (updated last Feb 2021) for all courses.

For brothers:

  • You can only enrol to courses that are for brothers
  • You must be the correct age of that particular course, stated generally on posters or courses page.
  • First 5 minutes of 1st meeting in a friendly manner we ask everyone to show their faces. Just to verify that the content is being received by the correct audience.
  • Lesson, files as well as audio belongs to CMR. Cannot post it without prior permission.
  • Mute yourself unless you are asking a question.
  • Pray for your teacher’s guidance so he can guide you.
  • Pray for your class and respect other students.
  • Be patient, sometimes a question you know the answer can bring other value that you originally did not see
  • Etiquettes of learning: Perform Wudhu. Sit in a respectful place where there will be no disturbance.
  • Ask questions via text or directly when permitted
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