Essack Brothers

Qari Osamah Essack is from South Africa, Johannesburg. He comes from a family of world recognised Hufaaz. His father world renowned Maulana Qari Ayoub Essack. Qari Osamah completed the his studies in Darul Uloom Zakariyya in Lenasia, South Africa. He studied the Islamic Sciences, Hadith, Hifz, Qiraat and much more. He is an Islamic Scholar.

His father, Qari Ayoub Essack Sahib has been teaching at the Darul Uloom Zakariyya for over 30 years. Qari Hudaifah Essack is also one of his sons. We plan to add some of his audio that we have captured over the years.

Qari Osamah Essack recites Taraweeh nearly every year in Bradford having taken over from his Brother Imam Maulana Qari Hudaifah. The year, 1433, 2012, he was again reciting in Bradford in the Masjid of Sheikh Ahmed Ali, Masjid Al Ma’Hadul Islami The Islamic Academy. Below are a small collection of Qari Osamah recorded by some of the Musalees from our Masjid who visited Qari Saab in Bradford during Taraweeh.