Hazrat Fatimah R.A

Hazrat Fatima RA

Hazrat Fatimah R.A is most surely an inspiration to each one of us in many ways. From her life we can derive many key lessons. 

Firstly, she is the daughter of our beloved Rasullulah sallahu alaiyhi wassalam and has a very significant and high status. 

Nabi (saw) said to her whilst giving her glad tidings 

It is a bounteous honour that you will the queen of the ladies of Jannah 

Her way of life, her actions and deeds prove this to us. Let us focus on her approach to hayah (modesty) from which we can learn much. 

After the demise of her father, Rasullulah sallahu alaiyhi wassalam, Fatimah R.A did not smile. Until one incident which took place sometime before her death. She came to Asma binte Umais R.A the wife of Abu bakar R.A and told her that the time has come; I will be leaving this world soon. She was worried that during her Janazah some of her organs may be exposed as she had observed some janazahs of women previously in which their bodies were not completely covered. She asked Asma R.A to ensure that her body is fully covered at the time of her burial. Asma R.A broke some branches of a tree and made them into a cot and took some cloth with which she covered it and told Fatimah R.A that she had observed this practice in Abyssinia. In the 6 months, since the demise of her father Muhammad sallahu alaiyhi wassalam,this was the first time that Fatimah R.A smiled. She then confirmed with Asma R.A that she should give her ghusl. 

SubhanAllah – what an inspiration to us all. This is a small account from the plentiful life of Fatimah R.A, from this we learn of her piety and the importance of haya, modesty. In her life, Fatimah R.A observed utmost haya but her concern for haya when she died shows the importance of it. It is very important how we present ourselves and the way we observe modesty. Remember, modesty is not only the appearance but modesty of our eyes; our voice and our speech are all significant and can be seen in Fatimah R.A’s character. 

May Allah give us the true understanding of bringing this great quality into our lives.