The Masjid offers Islamic education to children from the age of 5 upwards.

We have 5 regular classes running through the weekdays from 5pm until 7pm.

We also have a specialist Hifz class where we teach children who want to memorise the Quran.

The regular classes are split into 2 sessions:

Session 1 – 5pm – 6pm  – Where children learn the Quran. The classes are arranged by ability.

Session 2  – 6pm – 7pm – Islamic Studies. These classes are organised by age group.

Enrolment normally takes place in September of each year. Enquiries can be made to directly to the mosque.

We have a one off admission fee of £20 on enrolment and a monthly fee of £25 to cover our costs.


The educational arrangement for girls is along the same lines as the boys except that the classes are held in the bungalow opposite the front entrance to the mosque.

In addition to this there are programmes for adult sisters on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. 
Classes for sisters who want to learn Surahs are held on Thursday mornings.

Classes are also held on Saturdays after 1pm for sisters who have reverted to Islam.