The practicalities of making arrangements for a funeral is a difficult task at a time when one is already grieving the death of a family member or close relative. At Central Mosque Rochdale we are committed to making that burden a little easier so that the deceased can be buried as quickly as possible in line with Islamic principles.

Central Mosque Rochdale provides funeral services to the local Muslim Community. The masjid offers the following services: 

  • Mortuary for storage of the deceased until burial
  • Ghusl (bathing facility)
  • Kaffan (shroud)
  • Coffin
  • Janaza – This is performed in the mosque car park (ie outside of the mosque in line with sunnah)
  • Hearse
  • Burial
  • Khatam

In the 1st instance upon the death of a relative or family member, contact your local family doctor who will issue death certificate. This will be required by the undertaker. Contact the mosque personnel:

For further practical information click here

1st Contact 
Mohammed Amjad: 0786 310 9369

Alternative Contact
Hafiz Abdul Malik: 07714 755 910

CMR (Central Mosque Rochdale) – Mere Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 1HJ [01706 254925]