CMR Male Hygiene Course

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Part of the Navigating Life Series

3 part series

Week I

  • Introduction to Hygiene in Islam
  • Coming of age in Islam
  • Pre-puberty signs
  • Puberty
  • What impact does puberty have?

Week II – The basics

  • Istinjaa
  • Wudhu
  • Ghusl
  • Troubleshooting: workplace, school,
  • Hacks

Week III – Masaail pertaining to young people

  • Beauty and appearance
  • Relationships
  • Misc

🔹 Tips and much more

Session # Date & Time
1st Session 19th February 2021 6-6.45 pm
2nd Session 26th February 2021 6-6.45 pm
3rd Session 5th March 2021 6-6.45 pm
4th Session 12th March 2021 6-6.45 pm

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