Raising Happy Successful children

There are two worrying social trends that are taking place in society today, particularly in the Muslim community. The first, is the diminishing of respect for parents by their offspring; and secondly, the increasing detachment of parents from the lives and interests of their children. Both of these trends are leading to a breakdown in the values and morals that once made up the social fabric of our society.


Children are a major concern in an Islamic society, as today, they are children, but tomorrow they shall become parents. If they are not trained properly and educated adequately, it will be detrimental to the future of the society and their own future.

Children are a blessing of Allah and bring much happiness.

The messenger of Allah had much love for children. He would put them in his lap, put his
blessed hands on their heads and make dua for them. He would kiss them on their foreheads, play with them, make them smile and take them up in his arms. He would have love and affection and would always smile at them. The messenger of Allah would joke with them saying, “O, you with 2 ears!”

Here we’ve included a few practical ways to inculcate into our daily routine in bringing up happy, successful children.

Pray Together. Teach them to raise their hands daily in front of Allah just for a few minutes
Teach Gratefulness for the Bounties of Allah
Be friends but maintain a respectful relationship
Teach responsibility by giving responsibility according to their ability
Teach them to maintain an Islamic identity
Build their character and physical strength
Avoid humiliating them, especially in front of others. Help them to learn from their mistakes
Praise them upon little achievements. This will boost their confidence.
Give Examples of Muslim Heroes. Set aside a few minutes to read an Islamic story.
Be Kind to them. They need to feel loved valued and secure
Strengthen Their Imaan Daily, teach them Sunnah Duas to bring into their day to day routine