Tier 4 Update

Assalaamu-alaikum-warahmatullahi-wabarakatuh. In light of the new government Tier 4 restrictions which came into force on Thursday 31 December 2020, Central Masjid Rochdale will still be open for congregational prayer. The masjid continues to operate a COVID secure policy and attendees are reminded to maintain social distancing at all times, wear a face covering, bring your own prayer mat and adhere to the latest government guidance. The frail, elderly and clinically vulnerable are encouraged to pray at home. Those showing coronavirus symptoms or instructed to isolate MUST self isolate. Jummah prayer will continue with two jamaats, the first one at 12.30pm and the second at 1.00pm. Musallees are kindly requested to try and attend, where possible, the second jummah prayer (1.00pm). This will help reduce overcrowding during the holiday period. Jummah prayers will also take place at Darul Ilm (Merefield street). The first jamaat taking place at 12.45pm and the second at 1.15pm. May Allah Ta’ala protect us all and shower us with His Mercy