Ramadhan 2023

1st of Ramadhan 1444 will be on Thursday 23rd March 2023 Inshaa Allah.

The Rochdale Council of Mosques and Wifaqul Ulama announce that due to positive moon sightings the month of Sha’baan will end 29 days and the 1st of Ramadhan 1444 will be on Thursday 23rd March 2023 Inshaa Allah

First Taraweeh will take place on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 at 8:00pm across all sites. CMR (Idara), Merefield Street and Ashfield Road.

This year there will be a second Taraweeh prayer taking place at CMR upstairs hall 2 hours after the main Isha Jamaat.

May Allah SWT accept everyone’s efforts & allow us to make the most of this blessed month

A must have PDF for Ramadhan, touching on the deeper meaning of Ramadhan aswell as the various fiqh rules pertaining to fasting